15 Reasons Why Automotive Showrooms need to go Digital

  1. More than 50% of the Vehicle Buyers commence their Buying Journey on Digital Channels
  2. Customers use Smartphone as a Research Tool with the high levels of market penetration and Data Pack usage
  3. Majority of the Influencers of the Vehicle Purchase obtain their information from Digital Channels
  4. Customer Expectations have changed due to the e-commerce experience
  5. Customers factor convenience very highly as part of their Buying Experience
  6. Customers want the Automotive Showrooms to interact with them on the Digital Channels that they are comfortable with
  7. Customers want instantaneous responses over Digital Channels rather than wait for the relevant information
  8. Customers want majority of the information over Digital Channels that they can Social Share to help them decide
  9. Customers want to minimize personal interactions preferring to complete most of the purchase over Digital Channels
  10. Customers want only relevant information shared with them
  11. Customers want the “Right Person” from the Automotive Showroom to reach out to them
  12. Customers want to do the bulk of routine transactions online like sharing documents and other information
  13. Customers want to negotiate and get the best price online before visiting the showroom
  14. Customers want to have a seamless experience across Digital and Physical Channels chosen by them
  15. Customers need the assurance that the Automotive Showrooms will honour their commitments made across Digital Channels and address their issues in a timely manner if and when they arise