How should Automotive Showrooms go Digital?

  • Technology Adoption to Improve Efficiency and survive in the new competitive landscape
  • Updated Information on their Website, Social Media, Automotive Aggregators
  • Responsive across all Digital Channels including SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, TikTok (Not necessary to have presence on all media but important to be responsive on all channels present)
  • Provide Information on Product, Address Queries, Quotations, and Offer Details accurately to Customers across Digital Channels (not use information as click bait to attract Customers)
  • Design Processes to ensure that Customers can complete most of their Buying Journey across Digital Channels
  • Convert Processes which are mainly Offline like Price Negotiations to Digital Channels
  • Workflow to become Digital with Automation to increase efficiency and avoid delays and minimize human intervention
  • Improve Transparency Levels to assure Customers of timely service and solutions to address grievances